Featured Female First Responder: Brii

"Never stop learning,

never stop growing"

Meet Brii, a Law Enforcement Officer!
We asked Brii if she would be apart of our "Featured Female First Responder" column where we ask women questions about what it is like being a female working in a males profession and what their advice would be to those who are aspiring to be First Responders.

Tell us a little bit about you.

"Currently, I’m half SRO (School Resource Officer) and half road patrol. I spend two weeks in the school with the kids and two weeks patrolling on the midnight squad. In the summertime I get to have the awesome opportunity of being the bike. 

There isn’t anything typical about my day to day. My schedule is always changing and I’m a fitness coach outside of LE(Law Enforcement). I love to stay busy and stay on the move. If I’m not working, however, I’m usually working out myself. I love to get outdoors and be active. I’m a sucker for sunrises and sunsets and the beach is undoubtedly my happy place. Days I get to be around friends and family are days I live for and who I live for." 

What got you interested in the field your work in?

Did you always want to be a First Responder? 

"I’ve always had the desire to pursue something greater than I am. I didn’t know what it was until I had gotten a little life and work experience under my belt. LE is such a cool combination of everything I love to do. We get to delve into so many experiences and day-to-day tasks that most would run in the opposite direction from."

Are there any mentors that have shaped your life

and your passion for your work?   

"My parents have honestly shaped me into the human I am today. My work ethic, drive, and ability to treat others with compassion stems from them." 

What has been your proudest moment so far as a First Responder? 

"Working in the schools, I’ve been able to create these really awesome relationships with the kids in our community. I’ve been able to help them see that we’re human and people just like them, first and foremost. We just have a job to help protect them and keep them safe. They don’t hesitate to ask me to jump in on a game of football or to ask for a high five. On the flip side, they still love asking me about what I do and totally respect the authoritative aspect of the job. It’s a cool dynamic."

What advice would you give to the next generation of Female First Responders? 

"You are SO important in this line of work. We carry a whole different belt of tools and have a set of skills that are irreplaceable, needed and desired. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise."

Are there any organizations or events you are passionate about? 

"Brute Force Sandbags. They helped get me into top shape for the academy, helped me all through the academy and continue to help keep me fit for my job currently. They’re passionate about being a great resource for our line of work and it shows."

What advice would you give to anyone (male or female) who

wants to help people and become a First Responder?

"Never stop learning, never stop growing. You can never be too prepared for this line of work. You can always take another class, learn another skill, work out a little bit harder and be a little bit better."