Featured Female First Responder: Bobbie

"Always be self reflective"

Tell me us little about you.
"I've been a Critical Care Nurse for almost 19 years. I spent 10 years working in an inner city Trauma Center and have had the privilege of being a Flight Nurse for the past 9 years. I'm the proud mom of two very active teenage daughters. I am the Event Coordinator for 555 Fitness in my spare time and also work for Brute Force Training. I've been lucky enough to work with and for some amazing people in my career. So thank you to my ER Family, Life Flight Family, 555 Fitness and Bruteforce!!!"

What got you interested in the field your work in?
Did you always want to be a First Responder? 
"I've been interested in EMS since I was very little. Both of my parents worked for a Volunteer EMS program for over 25 years each, and my father also worked private EMS for as long as I can remember. I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in but it took me until I was 18 to figure out how. My father was my Idol and Role model in life. When I was just 18 years old he was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and only survived two months after that diagnosis. It was then that I honed in on my need to be a nurse. And now working in the EMS field as a Flight Nurse I feel that I have fulfilled my professional pinnacle and his that he had for me before he died. I've had a  very bumpy climb to achieve the goals I've set for myself, but that struggle only made appreciate it more."

Are there any mentors that have shaped your life
and your passion for your work?   
"I've been lucky enough to have many mentors over my 19 year career. But the two that come to mind is my dear friend and oldest mentor Pat Ambrose, She was the epitome that every EMS man or woman should strive to be. And my good friend and Co-worker Si Judy. He challenges me everyday to push past what I think I have mastered and become a better, more skilled flight nurse and patient advocate."

What has been your proudest moment so far as a First Responder? 
"It is hard to say what my proudest moment as a first responder would be, because I feel like I'm always trying to challenge myself to be a better provider. However, getting to work alongside of a couple of my fathers old EMS partners was humbling and will always make me smile."

What advice would you give to the next generation of Female First Responders? 
"The best advice I'd give anyone starting out in this business would be don't be a liability to your patients or your crew. That means always be striving to be better informed and more skilled at your job. Always be self reflective and welcome constructive criticism."

Are there any organizations or events you are passionate about? 
"I'm the Event Coordinator for 555 Fitness. Which is a nationally recognized nonprofit that is geared towards making all of our First Responders more fit. So that they aren't a liability to their crew or patients."

What advice would you give to anyone (male or female) who wants to help people and become a First Responder?
"I would say find a career that your passionate about and make it your #1 professional responsibility to be constantly learning how to strive to be better at that job each day."