First On is a brand that is designed specifically for the incredible men and women who are first on the scene when emergencies occur, including the brave individuals working for our Fire Departments, our Law Enforcement, Military, and EMS Professionals.  Our goal as a company is to give back to those first responders who keep us safe on a daily basis by providing a supportive, functional sock that makes foot pain and blisters one less thing for these heroes to worry about. 


FirstOn is 100% Made in USA with 100% USA Fibers such as Nylon, Spandex, Staycool Polyester, and Copper fibers. Our brand utilizes “C-4 Technology” designed by our manufacturer who has 25 plus years of experience in making some of the most highly rated socks in the industry. The four C’s in C-4 stand for Comfort, Contouring, Compression, and Cushioning, which all work simultaneously to provide support in the ankle and arch; compression to avoid swelling and improve circulation; and cushioning in high impact areas to prevent exhaustion and pain at the heel and ball of the foot. 


FirstOn Socks are designed to be beneficial and are created with quality materials and processes that expand those benefits even further. We use Stay Cool Fibers to control moisture and prevent blistering, plus because feet play a large role in our body temperature, these fibers help to balance the body’s regulatory functions to keep you cool while active. We also use fiber technologies CuTech and Silver Tech. CuTech is a twisted fiber composed of copper and polyester that enhances circulation and reduces bacteria. Silver Tech is a silver based anti-microbial wash we use on our final product to help prevent foot odor by fighting bacteria on the inside and outside of the sock.